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Born in the 60's, Kevin Harris of Washington, DC, and Harlem, NY cultures. He spent most of his childhood in Washington, where he was raised by his father and his summers in Harlem with his mother. Such a diversity of cultures goes a long way in explaining who he has become as an artist. Kevin’s art is an amalgamation of styles across artistic genres. A self-professed growth junkie, Kevin has consistently pushed himself artistically to learn something new with each piece of art he creates.


Kevin has taken 2 college level art classes under the tutelage of UMUC art instructor Joan Bevelaqua, however, he can be classified as self-taught as he has chosen to pursue his own brand of development by consistently challenging himself to get better. His mediums of choice are soft pastels and oil paints.


As a US Army Veteran, the artist takes a very tactical approach to his work. His creative time is extremely regimented as he knows the benefits of complete focus on his task. He is meticulous about finishing one painting at a time before moving on to the next one. This process based approach has allowed a certain economy as it relates to his completion rate. He is very mindful of making the work his reward and seeks excellence as opposed to sales.


Kevin currently has paintings consigned to multiple galleries in Charlotte, NC and has displayed his work at numerous events throughout the east coast in cities like Charlotte, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Washington. Kevin’s work has also been featured in Art & Beyond Magazine. Additionally, he has self-published numerous books of his pastel portraiture and oil paintings.


The artist currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife and 3 children.