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As an artist, I have long believed that if I constantly push myself, doing new and different types of art, in the end I would become more well rounded. I have done works that I felt would help me grow because ultimately, it would add value for collectors. 


I am also extremely hard headed in that I refuse to believe there is something that I cannot do if I dedicate myself to learning and mastering it.


I have updated the site today with some of my newest works from 2 series I started some time ago. 

  • The texture of dance
  • Black Panther Party

These 2 series are extremely personal to me and I am hopeful that my passion for the subject shines through on each painting. 


My hope is to create timeless and powerful work that evokes thought and feeling within the viewers. 


Texture for its movement and beauty, Black Panther for its messages and symbolism that brought about the formation of that group in October of 1966 by Huey P. Newton, Elbert "Big Man" Howard, Sherwin Forte, Bobby Seale, Reggie Forte, and Little Bobby Hutton for the sole purpose of protecting the black community through community policing. Utilizing existing open carry laws at the time they were a visible threat to corrupt police officers and a deterent for crime in the communities they lived and served in.


With this series, I hope to show why the group was formed, how they were a positive influence in the community and how the downfall of the party and other social changes have impacted our communities to this day. 


I am also working on another series in which I am using my photographs taken on vacation as references. 


These land and seascapes are my way of contintuing to push myself because I refuse to stop learning and striving. 


I so appreciate your continued interest in my work and development as an artist and I hope you enjoy where my art takes me moving forward. 


Please know.....I am still learning and I am ok with that.