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There comes a time in some peoples lives where they have worked their asses off and it is recognized. The popularity gods are shining on them and they are basking in their own magnificence because, well, they are great right?


Here's the thing about greatness. 

Greatness isnt in that popularity, but what got you there. 


You worked your ass of to get to a certain level and you did it in relative obscurity. No one was there when you honed your craft, when you berated your every mistake, when you sacraficed everything in the pursuit of excellence.


There will come a time, a conversation, a moment when you question what got you to this point. Someone will recommend an amazing new (fast) technique or better way to do things and your mind will say..........maybe I should. What could it hurt?


To which, the answer should be, is that why you are successful in this moment?

What got you here? Now?


There are no shortcuts to excellence folks. You have to work your ass off and keep working every day. 


Some of the most successful people in their fields carry with them the same work ethic that they had 10-20 years ago. Still have the same processes and techiques. They tweek things as needed and always look for new learnings, things that will enhance, not replace learned skills.


So the ego kicks in when the success first comes and we just lose our minds (in my Joker voice).


Lets not be crazy people.....just keep doing what you were doing. 


Dance like no one is looking.


Just more nonsensical ramblings from your friendly neighborhood artist dude.


“… Artists must be true to themselves to produce, absent of the want of acceptance or the lure of the popular.  I think artists that do so must have courage and they must have a total disregard of failing …” JOSEPH PICCILLO