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So here we are as citizens of this amazing country, on the verge of a presidential election where the winner will have the ability to influence policy for the next 4-8 years. 


I grew up in a time where if you had family all over the country and wanted to connect with them you did one of 3 things

  • You called them
  • You wrote them a letter or postcard
  • You went to see them

Today, there are so many more opportunities for dialogue with people, but I ask you, is it good?


I contest that today we are in a very dangerous place as it relates to connecting with each other. You can't fully hash out a thought in a text. You can't clearly articulate a concept through instant messenger. You can't show true expression through typed words (unless you are a brilliant litterary scholar).


This is truly dangerous because we have now a generation of displaced and disconnected.


I, for one find it concerning that an entire generation gets their thoughts, views, news and concepts from;

  • Social Media
  • Local or national new channels

As a young man, to see my mother or father sit down and write a letter to a family member was absolutely amazing.


You had to put thought into what you wanted to say. Now you can replace those thougths and words with emoticons that say absolutely nothing.


Why am I bringing this up?


I am bringing it up now because our general disconnection from each other is creating a lone wolf kind of culture whereby, the disenfranchised can operate outside the box.


Hear me out. If I live next door to you, do you know my views on recent world events?


If your neighbor was thinking about doing something truly distructive, would you know them well enough to forsee it?


Is your local grocery store safe? Your movie theater? Your community pool?


Connection does not make us safe, but it certainly gives us an insight into those closest to us. 

Speak with people and LISTEN!!!


There's a reason we have 2 ears and 1 mouth. We were created with all the tools we need to be great. 


I am greatly concerned though because we have become so self absorbed. I find myself hours later rehashing conversations and saying "wow, I missed that when he said it".


Listen to understand, not to Respond.


Just more nonsensical ramblings from your friendly neighborhood artist dude.