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I tell ya, we done gone soft people.


We live in a society where participation is the end game. Yes you have to be in it to win it but the goal is to win...........Right???


Some of the consolation prizes are nicer than some of the winners rewards we saw growing up. 


We ask questions to people who we know will tell us what we want to hear not what we need to hear. 

And on the flip side, we answer questions with full consideration of the person's feelings, often beating around the bush to get to a place where we can comfortably say what we really want to say without alienating them.


Let me go on record here and say, Nothing says I love you like the pure unadulterated truth. 

Fluff be dammed, what is the message I should walk away with?


There is a small portion of society it seems that value the truth over all things. 


How else are we supposed to learn and move to a position of success unless we know that what we are doing sucks?


If little Jimmy is making lemonade that tastes like urine and you don't tell him, how is little Jimmy to know that his taste buds may be severely damaged if you keep fake drinking it while pouring it out the side?


If I drive consistently over the median line, wouldnt you tell me?


There is certanly some prefacing that needs to happen with these scenarios, because of course we have desensitized everyone from the truth. People now get in their feelings when confronted with it, especially from strangers.


Just set that expectation that this relationship will be one grounded in honesty above all else, and you should be fine.


Just more nonsensical ramblings from your friendly neighborhood artist dude.