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I know many people may read my random thoughts and come to the conclusion that I am sitting on high, pointing my finger down at the rest of society wagging it at you all because I have a big head.


I promise, that’s not the case. Well the big head part maybe, but these are not posts of judgement. 


I post them as random because these are actual inner conversations I have had that I am sharing with the world and whether they make sense to you or not, I assume like me, they are making sense to someone. 


We all have inner dialogue about things that are of great importance and some that quite frankly are embarrassing. But we all have them. I choose to share many of mine with you. 


I also submit to you that when your inner conversations lead you to a place where everything in your world is perfect and the people around you are all insane, stupid or not even worthy of having a say in this vast a great world around us, or your conversations just stop because you are so perfect, that’s your ego. 


Nothing wrong with having an ego, but an ego unchecked is really not a good thing. 


Surround yourself with people that will call you on BS when needed and always look at who your actions will help as well as hurt before making decisions.


If you are the only beneficiary, kick rocks with flip flops you selfish bum!