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Ah to be born with a talent.


How awesome is it to, as a young child, pick up a pencil in class and realize that you are so much better at drawing than all the other kids. 


The teacher praises you. Your classmates look at what you drew with envy. Your head gets big and your chest pokes out as you see the attention you are getting at this very moment and it leads you to the above mentioned affirmation. 


Really, if you are the best in your class then how long before you are the best in the whole wide world? Shouldnt be long right?  Heck, I can just drop out of school and go straight to Art School and within a few months, be the next Michaelangelo or Picasso right?






A career in art is not that easy. What makes a master painter is the years that painter has put into mastering their craft. Years of painting every day. Years of hearing no. Years of being their own worst critic. Years of successes, and failures. 


As a species, many of us can only see past the end of our nose as it relates to the way the world works. We think that things will ultimately bend to our will because, well, we are US. If I just go talk to that gallery, I can convince them that I am worth a chance because I am a great artist. 


Oh Really?


How many paintings have you finished? Where are they hanging?


The purpose of this blog post is not to crap on anyones dreams. The purpose is really to deliver a message. 


Great painters are great because they have painted so many days that they have lost count. They have created works of art that, if you ask them about them, they will tell you how they were feeling when they painted it, though it was painted before you were born.

The message is simple...

GET YOUR ASS TO WORK and become a great painter!


Just more nonsensical ramblings from your friendly neighborhood artist dude. :-D